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Short Biography - Margaret Penfold


Margaret Penfold spent her formative years in Palestine and South Africa . She returned to England at the age of 13. where she attended Walthamstow High. She went on to Leicester University College and took a London degree in Latin.

When she married she realised that teaching Latin was not the best option if she was to find work near her new home so she transferred to primary teaching where she specialised in drama. and environmental studies. She continued in Primary schools until retirement (With a four year break to produce three children)

She dabbled in non fiction writing that sprang out of her other interests and has had articles published on computing, gardening, roses and education but did not take up fiction writing until her children had left home She won several prizes in short story competitions About fifteen years ago she abandoned short story writing to concentrate on learning the art of novel writing.

In the mid nineties, however, she discovered the Internet and became enthusiastic about new media writing as opposed to writing linear text. While writing her multimedia work she became a mentor for Trace, the International Community for Online Writers, taught workshops for creative writing online at Libraries in the East Midlands and at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. During this period she had two short TV filmlets made about her as Cybergran, one for Channel 4 and one for BBC digital TV and was featured in Wired World on Granada Television.

She still, however, put aside a regular time each week to work on her novels. Two of those 'completed' novels are hidden away,( her novel for children and her barely disguised autobiography). She is sufficiently confident though, with her latest completed novel, "Struggling Free", the first of a trilogy set in the British Mandate of Palestine, to start sending it out to agents