Books on The British Mandate

Biographies and memoirs

Period novels


This is an attempt to list books, written or translated into English, set in or dealing with the British Mandate of Palestine.(1922-1948)

My email name is margaretpenfold and my server is If you are not a machine sent out by spammers you will know to put the @ in between the two components.

If you know of a book that is not already on one of the three lists, and is relevant I would be grateful if you would email me the the name of author, the title of the book, the name of the publisher and indication of the time span or aspects of Mandate life that the book covers

If any author or publisher has any reviews they would like to include, I will happily upload them onto a page linked to the book entry. For books whose authors are still alive I am only taking reviews sent in by the author and by persons approved by that author or publisher, but please feel free to email me a review of any book whose author has shuffled off this mortal coil. It may surprise people that I have included the third category but sometimes truth is better expressed in fiction than in fact, especially when written by someone who has grown up in the country and has looked at it through the eyes of a child. I confess to another reason. The fiction list is by far the shortest and so it gave me the chance to iron out glitches before I started on the longer categories.
Q. Why do the lists only contain books in English? A. Because I am linguistically challenged.