After WW2 Lionel Chandler, who tells the following story, served as a police photographer in the Palestinian police's renowned forensics labs.

Silver Bullets

During the latter part of the Mandate in Palestine, exiled Grand Mufti El Haj Amin Hussein, sent a message to his followers in Jerusalem.   Should they wish to continue to harass the British because of their policy relating to Jewish immigrants they would now have Allah's blessing. Furthermore the British would henceforth need silver bullets to kill them !!! The faithful would be immune to all else.

The CID of Palestine Police Force soon learnt about this and reported that even well educated Arabs actually believed that this decree would give them immunity.

"No problem," said Inspector Freeman of HQ Forensic labs, who was, at that time, the world's foremost ballistics expert, "What we need are some Remmington 303s."

"Leave that to me," said Seargent Mancell-Jones, who promptly raided the impounded arms store and liberated a quantity of the American Remmington 303 ammunition which had a particularly bright nickel nose casing.

We cleaned them up and wore them conspicuously in Arab districts, especially in the coffee shops of the Old City. I for one thoroughly enjoyed telling people questioning the display of the ammunition in my shirt pocket, that these were silver bullets issued to us especially for use against Haj Amin's followers.

To the best of my knowledge none of his men ever chanced their luck. It would have 'made my day'.

Lionel Chandler