The British Mandate of Palestine

This folder, started in Sept 2002, is intended to take contributions from people from any cultural background who have had and can remember first hand experience of life in the British Mandate of Palestine. (so I guess that rules out anyone born after 1943!) If you have something you want to post please contact me. Particularly wanted are informative and amusing tales of daily life in the mandate at a personal level. This is not a place for potted political histories or rants. Please send articles to margaretpenfold at (at=@ with no spaces!)

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Useful books about the British Mandate


Soccer in Safad 1943 by John Barnett

Expectations and Experiences of Service in the Palestine Police by Orville Hughes

Daily Life on Mt Scopus 1947 by Graham Jenkins

Guard Duty in the Morgue by John Falconer

On duty in Nablus, Jerusalem and Haifa from 1946-1948 by Howard Mansfield

Silver Bullets by Lionel Chandler

Operation Polly the evacuation of British non-essential civilians from Palestine 1947 by Martin P.Higgins and Madge Lindsay

Dov Gruener's Funeral by Ron Hyde

Snippet re Tiberias Nov 1947 by John Falconer

Tales from the Traffic Police - by Jim Knaggs

Conflict before Independence by Avi Gordon and Jim Knaggs

Ambush 1948 by Ken McSherry

An Irishman's Memories of Palestine by Patrick Byrne

Tales from a Palestinian Childhood by Margaret Penfold

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