The British Palestine Police Association

How to contact us.

Secretary: John Tyrrell


Contact John first if you need to get in touch with the treasurer.

Obituaries: Martin Higgins

Telephone: 01242 236133

E-mail: address will be given to genuine enquirers
Members can find the email address in the BPPA Newsletter.

Newsletter Editor: Margaret Penfold
Research queries on Palestine Police welcome


(Margaret prefers to send and receive all correspondence by email. Home address will only be divulged if email is genuinely impossible)

Telephone: 0116 2885595

The rest of this site has now been taken down to make way for a site created by professionals.
This Contact page has been left until the new site is up and running.
Some Palestine Police history pages will be incorporated into a new folder on this site entitled

The History of the British Mandate of Palestine